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Sticky 04.07.16

Sticky @ Lovecraft  04/07 7 pm

musical guest Grace Kalambay

King Bart by Maggie Bofill
directed by Michele Travis
w Kyle Carter*, Veronica Newton*, Eric Percival*

Goodbye to All That or Maybe Only Some of That I’m Not Sure
by Kate Tarker
directed by Hondo Weiss-Richmond
fight choreography by Martin Boersma 
w Regina Gibson*, Jonathan Spivey*, Zuzanna Szadkowski*

Out of the In Between by Jesse Wann
directed by Ali Ayala
w Penny Bittone*, Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw*

Eulogy Elegy
created & facilitated by Sherri Kronfeld

To Heather by Gina Femia
directed by Michele Travis
w Kyle Carter*, Erin Healani Chung, Caitlin Morris, Stephanie Shipp

Open by Brett Aresco
directed by Tara Elliott
w Philip Callen, Makia Martin, & Tony Vo

AutoMoron by Libby Emmons
directed by Ali Ayala
with Ali Ayala & Libby Emmons

*Appearing courtesy AEA

One or more of this evening’s plays feature a prop firearm & simulated gunfire.