meet the plays and playwrights

Meet the plays and playwrights for Sticky 552.

Sticky 552
Beauty Bar, 249 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, 11215
Thursday, March 5, 7:30 pm
$10 advance, $15 at the door, via

Morning of Truth, by J. Michael Grey, directed by Ali Ayala
Kissing Weird by Liam Kuhn, directed by Ali Ayala
Where We Ended Up by Judith Leora, directed by Michele Travis
Apple Martini, by Anthony Noack, directed by Michele Travis
Soft Song Like Doves, by Libby Emmons, directed by Eliel Lucero

J. Michael Grey, writer "Shamed to the Heart"

J. Michael Grey, writer “Morning of Truth”

On his inspiration: “I didn’t have any inspiration for a play, but I wrote one anyway. I listened to my characters.​”

Over the past several years J. Michael Grey has written many pieces for Sticky.  He now is producing the first Sticky spin-off in Normal, Illinois where he directs and acts as well.

Libby Emmons, writer of Ipsa Domus

Libby Emmons, writer “Soft Song Like Doves”

On her inspiration: “I have a house guest. He’s been there for a long time. He even has his own keys. He’s probably in my house right now. That’s why I wrote the play.”

Libby Emmons is a playwright and theater maker, whose plays include Puff Puff (Festival of the Offensive, NYC 2014, winner “Most Offensive”), Radio Mara Mara (The Kraine Theater, FringeNYC 2013), Zeropia (Clubbed Thumb Biennial Commission 2009), The Girls from Afar (East/West Players, LA, 2010), “Animal/Animal,” (Best Short Plays, 2013, Smith & Krause), “The Worm Turns at the Fort Peck Hotel,” (New York Theater Review 2009), and many more. She is co-founder of 10-minute play series Sticky, Bowery Poetry Club 2007-12, now Beauty Bar, Brooklyn. Libby is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College (BA), Columbia University School of the Arts (MFA), and blogs the story of her life at She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, son, and a very mean cat.

Liam Kuhn, writer "Kissing Weird"

Liam Kuhn, writer “Kissing Weird”

On his inspiration: “I wrote Kissing Weird about a year and a half ago, with Sticky specifically in mind. A lot of my stories and plays tend to take place in bars anyway, but usually seedy, shot-and-a-beer type places where the seats are duct tape and pleather and your feet stick to the floor. I set this play in more of an upscale, silly kind of bar and then tried to think of who would go there, and why. The characters kind of took over from there.”

Liam Kuhn is a writer and television executive. His plays have been performed in New York, California, Vermont, New Hampshire, Oregon, Ireland and England. His first play, Absolving Buckner, was published in New Playwrights: Best New Plays of 2002, by Smith & Kraus. He recently began acting in some of his shorter plays, to the delight of no one. Kissing Weird is his third play to be produced as part of Sticky, and he’s glad to be back and thanks everyone involved with the production. Liam studied English and Creative Writing as an undergrad at Dartmouth College and has a Masters in Writing from the National University of Ireland – Galway. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, daughters and dog, Madigan.

Judith Leora, writer "Where We Ended Up"

Judith Leora, writer “Where We Ended Up”

On her inspiration: “I realized recently that some of the most intriguing, awkward and contentious experiences I’ve had in bars have been with day job colleagues.  So I decided it was about time to write about that.

Judith Leora‘s work includes: Recent: NYC Icon Plays/Ego Actus, One Minute Play Festival:  Indie Theatre Edition; Elijah (reading) – Lone Star Theatre, Gideon (production), UMass at Lowell, The Raven (co-librettist) Notes From a Page, Emerging Actors Theatre March 2012. Numerous short plays produced in New York, including multiple plays with the ESPA Detention series, New York Madness, One Minute Play Festival.  Managing Director of New York Madness.

Anthony Noack, writer "Apple Martini"

Anthony Noack, writer “Apple Martini”

On his inspiration: “Inspiration comes from disparate places: A bartender who used to get drunk and blend things that shouldn’t be blended, a conversation in broken english via text messages, and stories heard about language teachers overseas. A request to write a play set in a bar brings them together.”

Anthony Noack is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. His plays include Brighter Whiter and The Gift, which premiered at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2011, and Banana Republic, which premiered at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2012. He is currently developing his new
play Gingerbread.

Sticky 552
Beauty Bar, 249 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, 11215
Thursday, March 5, 7:30 pm
$10 advance, $15 at the door, via

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